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lucky brown - mystery road

mystery road pays homage to the great unknown musicians throughout america who, with their self-produced singles, became local and regional hits just around the time that megacorporations began saturating the market and the radio with something that was less like music, and more like a product. they, with profit as their goal, turned the radio into a marketplace, and turned music lovers into consumers. In only a few generations, the violent severance of our ties to the traditions of our ancestors represents a loss of cultural heritage and has thrust us into uncharted waters - a mystery road.

lucky brown, in this follow up to his first tramp album: „lucky brown's space dream,“ is realizing another dream - [releasing an album in the form of a series of singles - each with it's own unique artwork, independent bands and writing and recording sessions.] {a 2 LP set} entitled mystery road.

- 500 hand-numbered copies
- includes full album download code
- deluxe double vinyl LP with old school heavy cardboard cover
1. mystery road
2. chicken rock
3. lookout there's a freight train comin'
4. argon pt.1&2
5. tibor
6. negra modelo
7. golden nugget
8. brown's bag part 1&2
9. buddha on the road
10. santosa
11. exquisite corpse

out now: trlp/cd-9039:
various - the funky side of goldband/anla records

goldband records played a key role in documenting and shaping of musical traditions, tastes, and trends, both regionally and internationally since 1944. the focus of the goldband catalog is certainly set on country & western, swamp pop, and cajun music. however, from the 1960s until the early 1970s Goldband, and it's sub-label anla records, released many high-quality soul and rhythm & blues recordings.

available on deluxe double-gatefold vinyl, cd and digital download. the booklet contains detailed liner notes and unseen photographs
1. the showboats - sidewinder
2. count rockin' sidney - life without love
3. claude shermack - your gravy train
4. count rockin' sidney - dedie dedie da
5. count rockin' sidney & dukes - feel delicious
6. the showboats - too much
7. claude shermack – keep on keeping on
8. lee bernard - turn around and go
9. count rockin' sidney & dukes - do your stuff
10. count rockin' sidney & dukes - put it on
11. chester randle's soul senders - soul brothers testify pt.1
12. chester randle's soul senders - soul brothers testify pt.2
13. clifton white & royal knights - the warm up
14. charles greene - double ee agent
15. lee bernard - getting out of town
16. count rockin' sidney - boogie's boogie shack
17. count rockin' sidney - back door man
18. freddie love - crazy girl pt.1&2
19. chester randle's soul senders - why did I let you go
20. soul shouting tommy - I'm the man
21. chester randle's soul senders - take alittle nip
22. dynamic adam & excitements - forgive me
23. count rockin' sidney - bury the hatchet

reverend cleatus & soul saviours - soul saviour stew

it was gabe roth (daptone records) who coined the term ‘shitty is pretty’ to describe his modus operandi for writing & recording genuine modern funk music. no frills, no fancy production methods, straight ahead in the pocket playing and arrangements – and looking back 10 or more years from today - that was certainly the message fully understood and endorsed by UK band reverend cleatus & the soul saviours.

a ll the band wanted to try and achieve was get somewhere close to the vibe their old school heroes did - the meters, jimmy smith, brian auger, etc. here it is finally available on vinyl.
1. soul saviour stew
2. brian damage
3. now look here!
4. who's in here?
5. paper cut
6. no bones
7. mo' dep
8. 2 lps of funk an a1lp bag
9. hash cake
10. cheeba's couch
11. salt popcorn *
* digital bonus track

tramp 45rpm single collection vol.2

tramp's second 45rpm single collection. 20 tracks representing a wide selection of rare grooves, covering genres like funk, sweet soul, and rhythm & blues.

tramp 45rpm single collection vol.1

tramp's first 45rpm single collection. 20 tracks representing a wide selection of rare grooves, covering genres like funk, sweet soul, and rhythm & blues.

don gardner - the story of

while every rare groove dj/collector is familiar with the name don gardner, the average music buyer probably isn't. some of you may remember one particular song though: I need your lovin' from 1962. performed by don gardner & dee dee ford, it climbed up to #4 on the billboard charts and even made the pop top twenty. but that ain't all. qhat was about to follow might not have had enough penetration power to jump on the charts again, but every single song don gardner recorded in that decade had pure class.

a ll songs on this album appear on cd/digital for the very first time. the 8-page cd-booklet and deluxe double gatefold vinyl lp come with detailed liner notes and unseen photographs. plus, the first 400 copies of the vinyl edition contain the bonus 7” single cheatin' kind b/w what now my love.
1. people sho' act funny
2. I really love you
3. I'm in such misery
4. dog eat dog
5. let's party
6. my baby likes to boogaloo
7. excedrin
8. bonanza
9. watermelon man
10. shiny stockings
11. take five
12. twistin' the night away
13. last night
14. what'd I say
15. heat wave
16. I don't need you anymore
17. I'm a practical guy
18. your love is driving me crazy
19. there ain't gonna be no loving
20. cheatin' kind
21. is this really love
22. tighten up your love bone

jaribu afrobeat arkestra - jaribu

blazing horns in unison and a slightly awry choir come together, work in opposite directions, completing a true rhythmically woven carpet with the tight rhythm section's network: multi-layered, close-knitted and nearly impenetrable.

he eight japanese musicians led by masamichi ishikawa play more funk and jazz than the nigerian afrobeat originals fela kuti and tony allen did: a swift flute, a blazing trumpet playing and extensive solos from the very beginning. you've gotta love it!

the album will be released on vinyl, cd and digital download. the double-gatefold vinyl lp is limited to 500 copies and comes with a full album download code.
1. devil pt. 1&2
2. one by one
3. KEW
4. wild pansy
5. afro rodeo
6. witness
7. unrevealed truth
8. yellow joint
9. dancers in the darkness
10. BOMB

lenis guess - the story of

multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, arranger, and label owner lenis guess was undoubtedly one of the most celebrated musicians known for his contribution to "the norfolk sound". he first started releasing 45s on frank guida's many labels before setting up his own D.P.G. label. after D.P.G. closed its doors, Guess, together with his new partner dorsey "brock" brockington, opened up their own recording studio, brockington & guess, at 633 w 35th street, norfolk, virginia. 45s were steadily released but a substantial amount of material never saw the light of day. this collection will give you an impression of the artistry of lenis guess, pioneer of "the norfolk sound".

the album will be released on double-gatefold vinyl (incl. full album download code), cd and digital download.
1. lenis guess - working for my baby
2. lenis guess - thank Goodness gotta good woman
3. lenis guess - just ask me
4. lenis guess - what can I do but cry
5. lenis guess - in my room
6. lenis guess - why why why'd she leave me
7. terry sinclair - what have you heard
8. terry sinclair - clown suit
9. lenis guess - thank you baby
10. lenis guess - for all you've been
11. sir guy & speller bros. band - let home cross your mind
12. sir guy & rocking cavaliers – funky virginia
13. sir guy - I need you baby
14. little richard III - she broke down
15. barbara stant – superman
16. lenis guess - how you gonna do it
17. lenis guess - that beat`s got the devil in it
18. raw soul - leave my beat alone
19. dorsey brockington - stormy weather
20. josephine jones - candy man
21. shirley johnson - feels so good
22. page one - thank goodness gotta good woman
23. lenis guess - some woman's bedroom

the kutimangoes - afro-fire

what would it sound like if fela kuti, charles mingus and ornette coleman formed a band in copenhagen? inspired by these artists, the kutimangoes play their very own mix of afrobeat, eclectic jazz, soul and blues.

well established names and new faces have come together to create some music that sounds like nothing else, with a focus on a strong groove and pure, unadultered energy. the 6-piece band counts drums, percussion, saxophones, trombones, keyboards, fender rhodes in a playful mix where the musicians change instruments from song to song.

the vinyl lp is limited to 500 copies and comes with a full album download code.
1. fire
2. feeling good
3. something yellow
4. pass it on
5. song for fela
6. moanin'
7. walking man
8. slowly *
9. desert moon *
10. song for fela (rmx)
11. fire (rmx) *
* cd bonus tracks

various - movements 6

the movements saga started in 2005 by music maven tobias kirmayer. today, he proudly releases the 6th volume of this essential series. though the track listing still contains amazing music you may never hear elsewhere, the series has matured since its first volume. the track selection has become more open minded, compiling ballads and soul-jazz tunes, even proto-disco in addition to the rare funk tramp fans expect. Tracks are selected in chronological order so that the listener may get an impression of the development of the art form from jazz to rhythm and blues to rock & roll to soul and of course - funk.
lucky brown, february 2014

the 16-page cd booklet contains detailed liner notes and many unseen photographs. the deluxe double gatefold vinyl LP contains the same information as the cd-booklet.
1. clarence daniels and obie jessie - hard working girl
2. rudy lambert - love
3. dynamic duke royal - I wanna know
4. the impacts - thunder chicken
arnold albury & the casuals - thanks for waiting
6. ural thomas - pain is the name of your game
7. roy porter sounds - lonesome mood
8. bob french's storyville jazz band - st. james infirmary
9. marie adams & tommy dodson all-stars - that's the way to get along
10. los keys - mister t.c.b.
11. billy young - suffering with a hangover
12. little mell - ain't that funky monkey fonky
13. marvelle & the blue mats - The dance called the motion
14. changes - feel so bad
15. society inc. - disc jockey jam
16. the dell vikings - welfare blues
17. professor lett & study - we oughta get together

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